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Calming, Nurturing touch for your feet, hands, or face

About Us

Holly H. Erson, Ed.S., ARCB Nationally Certified Reflexologist

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a safe, nurturing, complementary art and science of stimulating reflexes and vital energy areas of the feet, hands or face, that reflect all part of the whole body.  Hand, thumb and finger pressure techniques are applied to these areas for many reported benefits.  With between eight and ten thousand nerve endings in each foot, and 26 bones in each foot, our feet are a foundation of support for an intricate nervous system communication to the entire body.

About Holly

Holly is certified with the American Reflexology  Certification Board (ARCB), an independent testing agency for the field of Reflexology, and is a member of the North Carolina Reflexology Association (NCRA).  She is formerly a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of GA, and is a mother and grandmother.  She loves gardening, research,  holistic health, and spiritual growth. 


Our Services

Optional Foot Soak before your session

You may choose to have your feet soaked in warm water with epsom salts and essential oils before your session.  There is no extra fee for the foot soak.

Benefits of Reflexology

Many reported benefits of reflexology include pain relief from headaches, chronic pain, joint pain, and back pain.  Other reported and researched benefits include improved circulation and oxygenation, stress relief, calming of the nervous system, lymphatic drainage, reduced PMS symptoms, reduced symptoms of Plantar fasciitis,  and a enhanced sense of over all well-being and deep relaxation.


Our Fees and Services

Introductory 75 minute session    $50.00

75 minute Session                       $60.00

Package of Three sessions         $150.00

Homebound visits available

Handicap accessible

 Your first session includes a 10 to 15 minute intake to get to know you and your personal health concerns.

Choices can be made between feet, hands, or face reflexology, or a combination of two.

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Holly H. Erson, Ed.S., ARCB Nationally Certified Reflexologist

Care Reflexology

Swannanoa Valley Medical Center 997 Old U.S. Hwy #70 West. Black Mountain, NC 28711

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By Appointment

Monday to Thursday  8:30am to 5:00pm

Some friday appointments

Home visits available